Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twas the Trip Before Christmas

The week before Christmas we finally went on vacation. We went to Legoland, Carlsbad Beach and Disneyland. The weather was absolutely perfect while we were there and I was glad it cooled down because it was very hot that first day.

Logan loved Legoland. He had to wear Dad's aviator glasses while flying the plane (Addy please notice Tad's glasses they no longer look like girl glasses).

Logan loved seeing the 'real' Bob. When we got to Disneyland and saw Buzz Lightyear he said, "It's the real Buzz like the real Bob!"

He got to see Aladdin. His favorite ride was Peter Pan and he loved the roller coaster at Legoland because Tad told him it was the Dinosaur Train.

We missed Woody every time but Logan loved shooting Jessie with his Buzz blaster

We went with Tad's sister's family and we got into Disney for free because of them. It was the best present and we had so much fun with them.
Here is Logan with Santa at The Grand Californian. Tad had to prop him on the chair because Santa didn't really have room on his lap.


bevany said...

It looks so fun! I was hoping for more pictures, but the ones you posted are great!

Erin said...

Yeah..I want more pictures and details too. :) Looks like you had a good time. Legoland looks awesome for Christmas. Did you make it to San Diego at all?