Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So this last weekend was Spark. Even though I won a spot to this event it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They haven't announced if they are doing one next year but I all ready know I have to be there. It was like they seriously got into my brain and found everything I'm in love with and obsessed with and we created it at this event.
Their big thing was finding that spark of creativity in yourself. Well I definitely feel like I've found it. Actually Sunday and Monday it felt more like a bonfire. It was actually very hard to focus during church and then go to my totally right brain job on Monday.

The 4 women in charge of this event thought of everything. They had This is the Place Monument all decorated for the event and it was absolutely darling. I'm totally going to go out and buy coffee filters to make some cute flowers.
Poor Tad when I'd get home each night he had to listen to me babble on and on about what we did that day. It still is hard to decide which was better, the fun projects or the amazing women I met at this. I was so completely scared to go to this because I was going alone and I'd been to an event similar to this before and it was so clicky that I was sure I'd be by myself all weekend. I just happened to sit at a table with the nicest women ever so it was like I was there with 6 friends. It was awesome. Aside from sitting at the best table I was amazed because everyone attending this was also very very nice.
Okay now onto the artists that were there. The first day we had 16 artists there to do quick projects with and I was totally blown away by all the talent. I always knew there were a bunch of creative people in Utah but these women each one of them were beyond amazing. I'm going to try to get photos up of some of the projects in the next couple days (it's been a crazy week work/church wise so cut me some slack).
Then the next day was 4 classes with the women that created this event. One of the classes was with Kelly McCaleb and she did these t-shirts with vintage fabric flowers and ruffles on them. Here is Vicki's shirt. Aren't her roses adorable?

Here is Sister O'Malley (left) and Heather in that class. Heather was a total savant when it came to making the fabric flowers.

Then here is Vicki, me and Holly.
Then here is our whole group from left to right: - Krista, Holly, Amy, Vicki, me, Heather and Anne.

At the end of all the classes and after dinner we had a Spark fireside. It got a little scary there with the sparklers for a minute but no one started on fire. It really was so amazing and I was inspired in so many ways. Now I'm just hoping this happens next year.
If you want to see more photos check Liz's blog - or Wynona's blog.


Anonymous said...

Are there instructions anywhere for the flowers. I'd love to make some for my little girls.

Anonymous said...

oooopps. The fabric ones. I can make Christmas stuff on a budget, unemployed Mom of 4.

Katie Mitchell said...

It looks like a lot of fun! I'm jealous! I would go if they did it again next year. I heard about it a few days before, but couldn't afford the $300 to go.

bevany said...


Krista O' said...

Love the post, and the comment about Heather being a savant was too funny! I had so much fun :) and was lucky to find you all. Great blog I'll be by often so I hope you are updating frequently.

mom said...

It sounds like you had so much fun but you also have the greatest ideas.