Friday, November 13, 2009


Through the viewfinder (ttv) - I've been meaning to do a post on this since July but now I'm glad I waited. When I first saw a photo taken this way I thought it was just a very old camera taking a picture. My favorite artist who takes ttv photos is on etsy, Alicia Bock. Her work can be seen in tons and tons of places even on sets on tv. Well once I figured out what it was I figured that's just too hard to do and I don't have a vintage camera so I'll just have to do a faux ttv in Photoshop sometime.

Before I get ahead of myself I should explain what a ttv is. You get a vintage camera and make usually a cardboard contraption for it that is a tunnel from the viewfinder to the lens of your camera. Your camera is on the other end of the cardboard tube taking photos of the vintage cameras viewfinder.

This past weekend at Spark there was a photography class taught by Jefra Lin. This class was different than I was expecting. I was expecting a more instructional workshop but instead it was a get out and play. Which I'd never done and it was so fun. Jefra had a bunch of different toy lenses, a Lensbaby and a ttv. It wasn't till I uploaded my photos that I truly appreciated this class.

So here are my ttv's. Keep in mind I didn't think any of them were turning out so I was simply just taking photos all within like a 5 feet area. I wish I would have walked around a little and taken even more photos.

If you'd like to learn more about ttv's or just see some amazing photos there are several ttv groups on flickr.

I loved the results of my photos so much I hopped on eBay and I have a old camera in route to my house so I can create more ttv.


MHall said...

Oh I like. We have some "toy" cameras that do the vignette thing. We have Holga and Diana. I hear you can create that vignetting easily using photoshop, but . . . The Lensbaby is cool. I'm envious of the workshop you attended for sure.

Anne said...

these are awesome!

bevany said...

Very cool. How much did you get your old camera for?

Krista O' said...

Hey the photos look great! How did you cut out the part that wasnt blocked out by the light? Mine look nothing like yours-probably cause I'm not a rock star like you. Did you photoshop?

The Coconut Shack said...

Wow, that is the coolest thing. Your photos are great! I've never heard of this. I can't wait to try it....someday :D