Friday, October 30, 2009

Park Leaves

The park right by our house has the best trees that drop their leaves all within a week and usually in early October. I noticed Fall was about 2 weeks late this year, I'm thinking that's because of all the rain in June that those leaves held on a little longer. Yes, I'm a dork and keep track of exactly when leaves fall and other gardening things that occur.

Well Logan had been shut in too long so we went down and played in the leaves. No the leaves on our big trees don't usually fall till late November-early December. Uggh. Not sure what Logan's doing in this first picture. I'm betting he just got done picking his nose or something.

He's such a funny guy right now. His vocabulary is growing every day. I just laugh because you never know what is going to come out of that mouth.
Also someone commented that I got good photos of him at the pumpkin patch. I didn't really. 90% of them are of his back side because he's always running away, I just happened to get two that were somewhat of his face. You have to be very very quick.

I love that these trees just drop all their leaves all at once so there is just tons and tons of leaves everywhere.


MHall said...

What a cute cute boy you have. I love your pictures and posts

Brittany Evans said...

Your pics of Logan here are so so so good. Seriously, you are such a talented photographer. What aren't you good at, honestly? First decor and parties, now photography. I should hate you really. :) But of course I don't.