Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Biking with the YW

It's been awhile since I've posted an activity we've done with the YW so I better post something. Lindsay (back row on very left) has been distraught that she hasn't graced my blog in awhile. This was my favorite YW activity we did this Summer. It involved two of my favorite things this summer - Legacy Parkway and biking.

We went down to Bountiful Pond with Logan and they have metal garbage cans. Logan would go over to the cans and try to look in yelling, "Oscar!" It took us a minutte to figure it out.


Brandi said...

"Oscar!" LOL! I love it! That seriously makes me giggle. Looks like you and the YW had a great time :)

bevany said...

Oh my gosh. Him yelling Oscar is the cutest thing ever. I love that boy. ps- I'm getting so excited for the elephant costume. Thanks so much for letting me use it. AND...I wish I was in Florida with you!

Anonymous said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with biking, but I'll say it anyway. Sabrina, we miss you at YW! See? I missed you so much I looked up your blog for the very first time ever! T~Dog loves you!