Monday, October 19, 2009


So last week we went to visit Teisha because we were worried she was living so far away from home and we had to check on her living conditions. Well I'm here to report that they are good. So good that I don't know why she'd ever move back to Utah. Well other than the unbearable heat we had while we were there and the fact that there isn't skiing it was complete paradise.

So here is part of the splash pad that is part of their clubhouse. Logan liked it best when all the water was turned off. This photo is blurry but it gives you an idea of how huge the pool is. Plus there is a restaurant right off of the pool so if you need your fruity drink with the umbrella in it while you are swimming, no problem. Yes, Teisha has it very rough.
Well if you don't want to slum it at Teisha's pool you just drive 5 minutes and you are at the beach. I didn't know what Logan would think of the beach since he sometimes has issues with sand in his toes. Well he absolutely loved it. The first time we went to the beach we didn't plan on getting in the water but it wasn't long till he was in his diaper and completely in the water. He loved it.
Then here we all are in the ocean. Yep that's me in a swimsuit. That's all your getting folks, you actually should be grateful.
On Saturday we went to one of Aidan's soccer games. I came this close to going to DCFS because it just seemed cruel to be playing soccer in such heat. Teisha bribed me by taking us to Rapids Water Park after. There were the scariest water slides there. Tad learned what it truly feels like to be flushed down the toilet on one slide. Below is a video of one of the slides we went on that I seriously thought I was going to die. This isn't us but right before that is a huge drop straight down before you go into the funnel. I went down it backwards and I so wanted to murder Addy and Tad. My screaming and look of fear kept them entertained. They also have this same slide but the entire thing is in the dark.
We also spent two days up at the Mouse's house. Logan was such a trooper because the morning we were to go up to WDW he had a fever. When we got home we found out it was strep but he was such a good boy. Aidan got picked at the Jedi Academy and you can see that post here. I think Tad was a little jealous about that. Logan doesn't really know any of the Disney characters but he loved the Winnie the Pooh ride and the Muppet's movie because he knows those guys. He also enjoyed watching HSM3 over and over while the big kids rode roller coasters. One of the coolest things I thought we did was go to the Lion Safari. It's like a zoo where you drive through. I've been through a couple of these but this one I thought had the coolest animals and so many of them. My favorite was the zebras. Also you could hand feed the giraffes.

So if you know Teisha at all I'd totally take advantage of whatever friendship you have with her and head out to Florida. Our trip was amazing and I want to go back again. I so miss the beach and hearing Logan yell for Aidan all day.


MMB Peggy said...

What fun, what fun, what fun!!!
Please show more pictures. Logan is so cute from the back - now, more of his smiling face in Florida please. Such a sweet, fabulous, wonderful family vacation.

MHall said...

Great story and pictures. That picture of Logan walking alone is just priceless. It's so funny - his cute little leg. How fun. The pool was gorgeous. I'm jealous that you got to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. Wow.

Teisha said...

BEST POST EVER!!! But I agree with MMB more pics are a must!

Katie Mitchell said...

I told Ben that we should go to Walt Disney World for our 10th anniversary next year. It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Brek said...

I'm jealous! How did Logan like the plane ride?

Fuller Fam said...

I said it to Teisha and I'll say it to you---JEALOUS! More pics are definitely needed. Glad you're home.

Collette McKee said...

Looks like you had a blast. I'm jealous.

bevany said...

I"m sure Teisha feels good about you telling us to take advantage of her. I so wish we could go down there. It all looks awesome. That picture of Logan with the bucket is my favorite. I'm so so so jealous of this trip. You deserve it though. How's Logan doing now? Is the strep gone?