Friday, April 18, 2008

Bringing Justice to the World

So tomorrow I'm going to judge a clogging competition so I can finally bring justice to the clogging world. I'm actually kind of excited because I've always wanted to judge. It was also fun to fill out my bio ;) (Aisha helped me with it.). I'm hoping I'll have some funny stories to share but it will probably just be boring. I do get to hang out with Joni so that will be fun since I never get to see her because she is always hanging out with my husband.

Also isn't this picture cute. My mom is the best. Not only did she make me wear these cheesy costumes but she would wear them with me. That is love to have your mom also wear the embarrassing costumes and dance with you.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Logan in the park. They look like they're from the seventies because I was still having issues with my camera. I think something is up with my white balance because I set it on the right white balance and I get funky photos but if I just keep it on auto it's fine. Maybe I'll ask Joni about this tomorrow.

Also Ali has a cool challenge for the weekend. We all know how I feel about family history.

Erin/Brek - I'll post the Understanding Exposure excercise on Monday. I've had YW stuff every night this week.

Also anyone who is bored. Go over to Brek's blog and post Happy Birthday to her. Her b-day is on Sunday.


Bevany said...

Oh my gosh, Sabrina, he is so cute. And I totally forgot you were a clogger!!! That picture of you and your mom (I think that's her) is awesome!!!! How fun for you to judge a competition.

Tim&Kirst said...

1. I love love love love love love that old photo of you and your mother. I too have some good ones from my ice skating days.

2. I love that you cut out the photo and made sure to get in between all of the hairless spots (ie-your mother's head)

3. I again am using the word "love", but I LOVE those pictures of Logan. When did you become a professional photographer? :)

Sabrina said...

2. Yeah that photo is from a very old scrapbook page and I was in a hurry to grab a funny clog photo. I think there was a phase where I cut every single photo that way. Yikes!

Aisha said...

Sabrina, that picture is so cute, you two must have been so cute together clogging away. I just love the mother /daughter duo. Thanks for sharing! How fun that you get to judge a competition. Do they let you do a little solo before the competition starts while they like read a bio about you? Can't wait to hear about it!

brek_noice said...

I am ROFL at that picture of you and your mom. You look so thrilled in it! And of course those photos of Logan are cute - the kid could model for BabyGap for crying out loud. And thanks for the birthday wishes - and for not telling how old I am.