Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So last Friday we went to a new restaurant in Bountiful. It's in Colonial Square right by Spanky's and it's a Peruvian restaurant. My dad went on his mission there so I told him to go. I wanted him to eat their first in case he got sick I could avoid it but instead he invited us to go.

I was a little apprehensive when we arrived but the food is very good. Tad even liked it and he doesn't like hardly anything. We did the Peruvian buffet. They had salad, potatoes with this spicy yellow stuff you put on it, lots of chicken dishes that you could put over rice, some beef dishes, empanadas, tamales and some yummy cookies. The cookies were a sandwich type of cookie that has dulce de leche in the middle and then the outside of the cookie is covered in powdered sugar. I could have ate a dozen of them. We also got a 2 liter bottle of Inca Cola (this was the one thing Tad didn't like). So check it out. I know we will definitely be going back.

Also today is this little guy's 6 month birthday. I can't believe he is all ready that old. Right now his favorite things are any thing that makes crinkly noises like plastic or paper. He loves to play peek-a-boo. He's sitting up on his own and will just play and play and play with his toys. He started eating solids last week and it's a little tricky because he pretty much inhales it and if you don't feed him fast enough he starts screaming plus he thinks he is big enough to hold the spoon. I just love that he is still the happiest baby and smiles at everyone and coos and giggles all day. This is an older video but it shows him laughing and ignore my ugly voice.

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Katey said...

We tried that resturant last week and it was soooo good. Your little one is so cute. Ty use to always grab the spoon too, so we started giving him his own while we fed him. And by 12 months he was feeding himself!

And I am so jealous that you are judging a clogging competion! SO JEALOUS! It sounds like so much fun to be back in that world again! Ok so much for the short comment....