Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cherry Waldorf Salad

Okay so today's post is killing several birds with one stone. Brittany & Sarah because the recipe has Waldorf in the name and Gossip Girl is on tonight. Jenefer because she also likes recipes. Brek because she also likes recipes and she likes them even more if they are in the style of Pioneer Woman. If you haven't checked out PW I totally recommend it because she has some awesome recipes especially Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich.

Also another reason to check out PW is she is giving away a Kitchen Aid. All you have to do is post a recipe but you have to do it today. I can't wait till the contest is over to read all the yummy recipes in the comments.

So today's recipe come from My Mom's Favorite Recipe book. You can get your hands on this book if you are the spawn of one of her siblings or you are one of offspring. I have two copies of the cook book. The travel version and the very limited deluxe edition.

This recipe is very easy even Logan could make. Logan isn't allowed to use knives yet or else he would have made it because he has restless arm syndrome and he would flail his arms about and someone would loose an eye. Most likely me since I'd be holding him up so he could reach the counters. Also if you don't want to see all the step by step directions then scroll to the bottom for the recipe.

Here is the cast of characters. Ignore the stuff in the back it's just my messy kitchen.
Slice your apple like so.

Once you've used the slicer cut them in half again.Then put a bunch together and chop them up until you have 1/2 cup of apples. You could also chop them however you want because I never chop apples up so I thought this way just worked.Here is my 1/2 cup of apples.Now take a celery stalk and cut it down the middle.Now take those halves and cut them in half again.Then chop it into little pieces till you have a 1/4 cup. You also could cut them a different way but I never cut celery so this worked for me. You'll notice in the photo it's at 3/4 cup. That is because the 1/2 cup of apples is underneath. I'm all about less dishes or I guess now I could say, I'm just being green.Now take a 3/4 cup of apple juice.Put it in the microwave because it needs to boil. If you are rustic and all you could heat it on your stove.It takes about 90 seconds in my very crappy microwave.Pour your 3 oz. cherry jell-o mix into your dish.Now pour the boiling hot apple juice into the dish.Stir for 2 minutes until the jell-o is dissolved.Now take the remaining 1/2 cup of apple juice . . .and add ice cubes until it is 1 1/4 cup.Pour your ice cube/apple juice mixture into the dish. Stir the mixture until the ice melts.I finally took the ice cubes out because I was impatient and they weren't ever going to melt.Dump your celery and apples into the jell-o mixture.Put saran wrap over the jell-o because my fridge always smells funky.

Place dish into the fridge for at least 2 hours.

I had a finished photo of this but left it at home. You see Tad isn't working today so I got all excited and wrote a really long to do list. I'm sorry bossing around Tad trumps this blog. Enjoy! I've also learned from doing this is it's a lot harder than it looks to take these pictures. Also it takes forever and a day to do this post.

Cherry Waldorf Salad

1 1/4 cups apple juice
3 oz pkg. cherry jell-o
ice cubes
1/2 cup apples, chopped
1/4 cup celery, chopped

Bring 3/4 cup apple juice to boil. Dissolve jello by stirring 2 min. Mix remaining 1/2 cup juice and ice to measure 1 1/4 cups. Add to jello and stir until ice melts. Stir in fruit and celery and refrigerate 2 hours.


Aisha said... should have your own show...very impressive.

blondybg said...

So did Logan help with the photography, or was this another "I get to boss around Tad" episode? ;)

Bevany said...

Love that you took pictures of every stage. You are quite the cook.

Tim&Kirst said...

Very "pioneer women cooks-esque" Don't you just love how she puts the play by play photos on her blog. Looks very yummy, but I never knew you loved Jello-y stuff. I learn something everyday. :)