Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Logan & Acelin

So Erin (the girl) (I guess I don't have to say that when her hubby isn't here and I'm typing it) and I went to the Temple grounds on Sunday to work on taking pictures and more appropriately wrestle our babies. It was fun and I think it was a good exercise because I'm still having issues with my camera. Some of the shots are really washed out because I had the aperture wide open (love shallow depth of field shots) and it was very bright.

Then we took pictures for Logan and Acelin's wedding videos. Hee! There were two shots I must have not loaded on my flash drive, I need to put them up on another post because Logan's face is too funny, it looks like Acelin is pinching him but she wasn't. While we took pictures Logan was just mesmerized by Acelin, he couldn't take his eyes off her. Which I guess is a good thing when it comes to arranged marriages. The flowers are still gorgeous so if you haven't been down there and it's not snowing, I'd check them out.

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Bevany said...'re good. Or maybe it's just that you have a cute kid. Seriously, though I'm impressed with the photos. Maybe you should teach me how to do some stuff.