Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Eva

I keep on writing the date on things today and I can't help but remember Tad's grandma Eva every time I do. Today is her birthday, it's easy to remember because it's on tax day. I wish I had a picture of her here but maybe I can get one loaded tomorrow. Here are some things I remember about her.

  • She was the best gardener and her garden was amazing even up to when she passed away.

  • She made the best cookies and rice krispie treats (they're still Tad's favorite and his sister, Teisha comes to closest to making cookies like her).

  • She had amazing scrapbooks filled with photos of when she was young and newly married.

  • She had the most amazing stories to accompany those photos. I loved hearing the story of her dating Tad's grandpa and I can't remember the details exactly but I know it was either right after they got married or while they were dating, he went to war and she waited for him for quite a few years (I want to say 6 but I'm not sure that is right).

  • Even in her old age she was still trying to spruce up her house and make it look cute.

  • She knew I loved hydrangeas so she got me this cute hydrangea wreath for my house.

I couldn't find a picture of Grandma Dudley but I did find a picture of her garden, just ignore the hoodlums running around in it.

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Tim&Kirst said...

Darling post Bean! I'll just a few more.

- She was an amazing seamstress
- She was a go-getter and didn't let age get the best of her
- She loved music, especially church hymns (her favorites being "Love at Home" and "Be Still my Soul")
- She had an amazing testimony

We were just talking about Gma Dudley like a week ago and Tim thought he saw someone that looked just like her. She is missed, but I'm glad she's with her hubby now.