Thursday, April 10, 2008

Old Post and Understanding Exposure

Last Saturday (nope not last Saturday but March 8th) Logan and I ran up to PCMR to watch the Superpipe Competition. Well like most things lately we missed the whole thing by 2 minutes. Oh well, I got to go shopping afterwards and I got these cute photos. I also found that Logan wasn't the biggest fan of the blowing snow in his face. I did get to see the Flying Tomato riding on the back of a snowmobile.

If you actually wanted to see more on the actual World Superpipe Championships you can check out PCMR's blog here.

Okay so I know I am so far behind on doing the exercises from Understanding Exposure. So here is the thing. I've glanced at the book again but haven't had a second to do the exercise. So do the first exercise, I know it's a two page spread and probably 10 pages in (I'll try to have the exact pages tomorrow). Then next Thursday I'll post my pictures to that exercise and hopefully others will link to their pictures in the comments so we can all talk and discuss.

I did do some shooting on Sunday but my lens (50mm1.8) was messing up my light meter. For some reason (probably user error) in manual mode I couldn't get the light meter to work half the time so I ended up shooting in Aperture Priority. I didn't like the results as much and I'm sure that is backwards for a lot of people. They probably get comfortable in AV then switch to manual. This was probably one of the first time I've really shot in AV, I'm usually 90% of the time in manual.

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