Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lots to Say

So I haven't checked my blogs in 3 days. There are 97 new posts in my Google Reader. Looks like you've all had a lot to say. All I have to say is I'm very happy with things at the moment. It's a big contrast to how I felt 4 years ago and I'm just so excited for the future. YEA!!!

Please those of you that have emailed me, I'll post elephant pictures probably Friday. It's still really busy with work.


Bevany said...

Seriously, 97? You best be leaving some good comments :)

Mike & Mindy said...

Hey Sabrina!
Ok, so I love your pictures of Logan. The quality is so good. What type of camera are you guys using? Or is Logan just a perfect little poser? :)

See you on Friday night baby!