Monday, November 24, 2008

Answers Please

I have some questions that I hope you can help me with. If you can answer any of them please leave a comment. Thanks!

Girl's Camp or Camping in General - We need to get booking our camp for next year. Name some good campgrounds that are not much more than an hour away but still are a lot of fun. We are also looking into the idea of maybe going near a lake so if there are good campgrounds by any lakes you know of also let me know.

Personal Progress Activities - Has anyone had some fun and/or good activities that got the YW to work on their personal progress goals?

Special Needs YW/YM Activity - In May I'm in charge of an YW/YM activity that is with the special needs mutual. There could be anywhere from 150-200 youth at this activity so things can get costly pretty quick and that large number also limits what we can do. Any suggestions?

Snow Suits - Anyone seen any snow suits for little boys that are size 2T? I'd prefer a one piecer but at this point I'd be happy to find anything. I’m starting to think it’s illegal to make a one piece boy’s snowsuit.

Amazing Race - Who is your least favorite team on AR? Mine is Terrence and Sarah. I can't stand him. You should ask Tad about him he gets so upset with him when he watches that show. Also I was sad to see the divorcees go because I loved seeing how bitter, stupid and immature they were.

Clogger Question - Does anyone know if/when Joey, Tyler G. and Shaun-boy are coming to town, if at all this Christmas?

Also I've quit Grey's Anatomy. I haven't liked any of the characters for awhile now and it's just the worst story lines I've ever seen. I watch a lot of trash tv but it was getting to be a little too much for me. I'd also get so mad that McDreamy was with Meredith because she seriously is no catch. It was a hard decision but after the first week of not watching I really wasn't missing anything at all. It’s now been 3 weeks Grey’s free.


Erin said...

You are so funny. I'm totally out of the loop when it comes to Young Women's. But, you can get snow pants and cheap coats at Shopko. That's where we go every year.

As far as Amazing Race, I TOTALLY agree with you. I love that show but Terence drives me BANANAS! And I also didn't like the divorcees. I wanted to nerds to win (they were the first ones out).

Bevany said...

LOVE the part about Grey's. I'm on the fence but I just can't give it up. Sad, I know. I totally agree with you though. I'll get thinking about the yw stuff. My mom was stake yw pres for a while so I'll ask her about camps.

Leah and Mike said...

I don't have any answers for your questions, but I agree on the Grey's thing. The story lines are so dumb lately. We HATED the lesbian one. And now (you probably haven't watched this one) the one with Izzy and dead Denny - dumb!! But, I just can't stop watching...maybe one day :)

a&e drumm said...

We went up by Deer Creek Resevoir one year but I think there is limited camping up there (our stake has some property up there we camped at called Walsburg...I don't know if it is open to other stakes). We have also gone to Rockport. It has OK camping but not a very good beach.
We always struggled at Personal Progress activites as nothing really made the girls too exicted no matter what we did.
I went to an activity once with special needs where they did a type of carnival and the able bodied kids kind of helped out the special needs kids with the activities
I don't know about snow suits...I've seen a few for boys at Walmart though but I'm not sure the sizes they were
The frat boys on amazing race do the stupidest things...I don't see how they are even still on
Brandi will probably know if Joey is coming back but I don't know about the rest.
I agree with Grey's I don't get where they are going with the whole Izzy dead Denny thing...Brandi told me she heard they were kicking Izzy off at the end of the season though. There is not a whole lot else they can do...everyone has pretty much already slept with everyone already.

Sarah said...

Hi there,

This is Sarah (of team Terence & Sarah) from the Amazing Race. A friend sent me your blog so I thought I'd say hi!

Fortunately we have a good sense of humor about people not liking us (I don't know why my friend sends me blogs of people who don't like us!!) but I'm glad to see you are at least watching and enjoying the show :)

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

MHall said...

good price:
(boy color blue in 2T)


Also, consider overalls & parka (easier for bathroom purposes).

I quit watching Grey's this year. There are two really good shows on - they are probably on break until end of Jan - but, they are Life and Life on Mars. Winners.

I can't believe how much you do and how ambitious you are.

Dancing Dream said...

I have an awesome place for camp...with two lakes & canoes, zipline, rock wall, TONS of fun stuff. I think it is Lindon Stake's property, by Heber. I can find out the name of the place...can't remember right now! LOVED it though!