Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the big game and I'm sure the better team will win. Tonight we have our big neighborhood tailgating party. Tomorrow is my big Twilight party. If you were one of those crazy ladies that stayed up late to go see it last night, let me know what you thought of it. I can't wait to drool over Edward Cullen tomorrow.

A couple weeks ago I spent the majority of the day raking. Fall is my least favorite time of the year because it requires the most amount of work in our yard. I finally counted all the trees in my backyard - there are 42 trees in our backyard. 42!!!!!!!! Luckily I had some help from Logan. Tad also helped when he got home from work. I just raked the leaves into piles and Tad put them in the garbage bags (I hate picking them up more than raking).


Bevany said...

GO COUGARS!!! I was one of the crazy ones who went to see it at 12:20 am. I don't really know if you want to know what I thought though. I'll be doing a blog post in a few hours about it. Seriously like the guy who plays Edward?

Kandis said...

Your little guy is so stinking cute I can't get over it!
I love checking your blog...and thought it was time to comment!