Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Dutch Oven

We had a pretty full house for Father's Day. We did a dutch oven dinner which I thought turned out good. Here is almost everyone at the tables.
Logan sitting with Stokes. I think even though Logan is so small he's going to miss Stokes.
The Fuller Brothers and the MMB sitting around the fire pit. Look at those grins or smirks.
I'm a little sad this week because Teisha and Stokes are leaving on Thursday for Florida. I'm going to miss them not just because I love taking pictures of their kids. I didn't really get to visit with them on Sunday because I was cooking and then I had to clean up. I think they will love Florida and not just for the fact you do everything in your bikini there (grocery shop, mow the lawn, take kids to school, watch soccer games, and etc.). Don't forget to wear regular clothes when you fly back because we don't do that in Utah.
I also have to say that Tad was amazing this weekend. He put in the fire pit on Saturday and went to the Farmer's Market with me and helped set up for the party Sunday. He's the best!
Stayed tuned for tomorrow when I'll have some frightening POTM (project of the month) photos.

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Marque said...

I would recommend Skype to stay in touch with Teisha and Stokes. You can use a web cam (optional) and an inexpensive headset ($25) and talk over the internet for free. VOIP. :)