Sunday, June 8, 2008

. . . until we reach The Valley Ho!

Last week I was down in Phoenix for my firm's paralegal retreat. Even though it was for work it was a much needed break and I had a great time. I actually can't wait till next year's retreat. I hung out with Aisha for almost all of it and she is a great travel buddy. I'd never been to Phoenix and was totally blown away by how gorgeous it is and the flowers all over the place. We stayed at the Valley Ho Hotel and it is the closest I'll ever get to living in a Cary Grant movie.

Here is a view looking from my room.

Here is a view of the back of the rooms. I was on the top floor and each room has it's only balcony table and chairs and chaise. Wish I'd had more time to sit out there.Here is the lobby.We ate at Trader Vic's and it was SO GOOD. They have a location in Vegas that I want to go to the next time I'm there.

Here's the pool. I so regretted I didn't bring my suit but I laid out in Aisha's pj's.Here's my room. Loved the sliding door to the bathroom.

We also went shopping at this huge mall so we got to get a little fun in.
Here is my funny story. So on the taxi ride to the hotel our cab driver had a thick accent and he asked if we went swimming. At first I'm thinking he thought maybe Mormons don't swim then I realize he must have heard of cryptosporidium. So I tell him yeah we go swimming we just have to take extra precautions and all the pools have added extra filters and stuff to help keep people from getting sick. I really didn't want to get into the details because I'm sure the guy didn't really want to know the dirty details. Then Aisha leans over and says, I think he's talking about swimming in the Great Salt Lake. Duh! I felt so dumb and luckily by that time we were at our hotel.


Marque said...

OMG - I freaking love that hotel. How fun. You really needed to be around in the olden day to appreciate how nice the retreat has turned in to. I used to lie to get out of going. I hated it so bad. Not because of the hotels, either. It was horrid.

Brad and Aisha Johnson said...

Fun times! I wish we were still in Phoenix at that sweet hotel...or running after the free trolley...or eating the really good food or just doing about anything besides being back at work ;) Thanks for the fun, I am soooo glad you wouldn't have been as fun without you!!

Brandi said...

That's a step up from a European Hostel :)

Bevany said...

Yeah, that hotel looks awesome. I'm pretty sure I've never stayed in anything that nice. How sad is that? Love your swimming story. Hilarious!

Leah & Mike said...

I'm jealous you got to hang out with Aisha all week. I miss her, tell her hi for me...I guess I could just go to her blog and tell her hi myself. Oh, Mike and Brandi are going to lunch on Wednesday and I am making them go to the Mexican restaurant you keep talking about.

Jenefer Reudter said...

Made me miss my mission time at Phoenix! Love Arizona! It's a great place for a vacation (especially when it's cold in Utah!) You'll have to go back for sure! Go to the Easter Pageant at Mesa Temple (it's a good one!)....or go when it's December and walk through the Christmas Lights at the Mesa Temple when they have lights in all the palm trees!

Glad you had a wonderful time! Keep blogging (I'm loving it!).