Monday, June 2, 2008

Here, There, Everywhere

We had a good weekend and got a lot accomplished, I can't write what we did because Tad said, "There better be a post about this." You'll understand his rude tone when you find out what he did. Tad's the best husband.

So for today since I just have pictures of cute Logan I'll tell you what he is up to.
My mom bought this princess castle for Savannah but Logan totally loves it so now it stays at my mom's house so they can both play with it. It has this button you push and all the little people dance around in the moat (kind of like playing ultimate frisbee in a moat for the cloggers out there).
The two troublemakers.
Logan eating a Chips Ahoy. This kid wants to eat everything and drink everything I'm trying to drink.
He is also into everything. Teisha had been telling me that when she tends him, he will follow her from room to room. I finally experienced this yesterday as I was trying to clean the house.
Here is Gangsta LG or L (cubed) (Don't know how to do the small 3 on the blog, for Ladies Love Logan like LL Cool J) . Tad found this bandana and put it on and then Logan wanted to kick it old school by just buckling 1 overall strap because that is how he rolls.


Tim&Kirst said...

what a darling cookie monster picture. I also like the gansta look. It's a keeper.

Bevany said...

So, what did Tad do?? Very cute pictures. I love the ladies love logan gansta picture. He's the cutest. Looking at your music list I have never heard most of those songs. I wish I had XM radio!

Leah & Mike said...

Yeah, I want to know what Tad did. What a cute little gansta!

Brandi said...

I love that Logan is your little dress up toy! He is dang cute.

Marque said...

That guy is so cute