Thursday, June 12, 2008

Park at your own risk

Last night YW was at my house. Seconds after we had the prayer, one of the leader's car got hit by someone driving by. I felt so bad but I have to keep telling myself it's no one's fault but the dumb driver that hit a parked car. They had to tow both cars away so if you come to my house you can totally park in our long narrow driveway.

What are you doing this weekend?

Well I can give you two suggestions. The Farmers Market starts on Saturday. I love it. I think I'm going to take FrontRunner down there and I'm hoping to get lots of healthy things to eat. If anyone else wants to go just let me know and maybe we'll drive down. You have to get there early though because things sell quickly. They also have lots of other great things like art, jewelery, soap, plants and purses too.

Also I saw this last week on a the best Utah blog site. If you ever are wondering what's going on in Utah, or looking for a good restaurant to go to or just some different stores, go to Your Heart Out. On Friday they are showing Goonies at a SLC park. We had something come up or I was going to take the 2 boys. Tad and I guess you could also say Logan have never seen Goonies. I know shocking. I don't know how you go through childhood not seeing that show. I was hoping Tad would finally understand what the truffle shuffle was. If you want more details about the showing or other Friday night park movies check it out here. I sure wish Davis County did cool stuff like SLC.


Lettie said...

Clearly Tad is NOT an American!!! Never seen Goonies? That is a shame!
Thanks for the info about it playing. I was actually just talking about it last night and earlier this week was trying to find when and where the movies in the park start.

Brandi said...

Yay! for movies in the park, and Yay! for the Farmer's Market! My Mom, Jamie, Payton and I are going this weekend if you want to meet us there. We go EARLY!
Thanks for all the info on stuff to do this weekend but you forgot to mention Frontier Fest @ Gardner Village. What kind of Clog America Alumni are you? ;)
And as for parking at your house, I think I'll park around the block from now on. Remember the night when all the paint supplies fell out of that truck and we all thought someone hit my new car?

Bevany said...

Remember when the dog ran into the side of your car?! Ha ha ha!! I think about that all the time. So funny.