Monday, May 12, 2008

Utah's Sweet 16

On Saturday I had the opportunity to hike to Ensign Peak. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate hiking but I do it anyways. This hike isn't long but it is steep. The view at the end makes it so worth it.
I got to hike this time with Lindsay. Lindsay loves seeing herself on this blog so I took lots of pictures. Hee!

I also got to go on this hike with these two hoodlums C & T.
In January there was an article in Salt Lake Magazine about the 50 places to visit in Utah if you're a true Utahn. Well I made a goal to visit 16 places that are well known to Utah this year. Why 16? It's a significant number to our family and a lot less than 50. So far we haven't done any of them and we don't quite know all 16 of them yet but hopefully we'll get it all done. Here's my list and if you have any suggestions let me know.
  1. Ensign Peak
  2. This is the Place Monument
  3. Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon
  4. Spiral Jetty
  5. Kennecott Copper Mine
  6. Golden Spike Museum
  7. Cascade Springs
  8. Red Butte Gardens
  9. Antelope Island

Also let me know of any fun unique places to visit that are a quick weekend getaway. We're doing our annual Yellowstone trip but I'm hoping in the Fall, Tad will want to go to Moab.


Marque said...

9 mile canyon - down by Price.

I've been trying to get you to the Jetty for a while. Some years the water level is high, and it's covered. It's pretty cool. It's a big deal in the (environmental) art community. Pretty famous even more so outside of Utah.

Lettie said...

I always think of you when I hear about the Spiral Jetty because I had never even heard of it. And you still haven't been? That was years ago.
Ok, so what if I want to visit these places but don't want to be a true Utahn?
Wait, the list is only 9, not 16. So that is where you have been? I know a fun place to go (maybe not with the baby unless he is in a carrier), but it isn't in Utah. City of Rocks in Idaho (not too far past the border) is a fun weekend camping trip.

Bevany said...

Fun list! I want to know all 16 though. Mike always wants to do Ensign Peak with the girls. Maybe we'll have to do it before it gets too hot. Timpanogus cave is fun if you've never done it. Logan might get scared though. Moab is a must! Goblin Valley is fun too. I've never heard of the Spiral Jetty either. What is it?