Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Tad!

Today is The Tad's birthday. He made me start referring to him that way about a year ago. Below are some things I love about Tad.

  • He is an awesome softball player and he has good sportsmanship.
  • He loves eating orange sherbet floats.
  • He is such a great dad. He has changed more diapers than I have.

  • He is super patient. Hello he's still married to me and when Logan is being a pill he has a lot more patience than me.
  • He loves to play with all his nieces and nephews. I knew he'd be a great dad by how good he was with them.
  • He is a great skier.

  • When I was pregnant I was super cranky and demanding. He helped out so much and there is no way I could have gotten through it without him.
  • He's a peacemaker.
  • He cooks quite a bit. It's nothing fancy but it helps me a lot when I hate cooking.

  • Tad is a Guitar Hero/Rock Band Super Star.
  • He never grumbles when I want to take his picture.
  • Tad is super mellow and doesn't get upset about hardly anything.
  • He's a Ute fan.

  • He watches tv with me even when that requires watching super cheesy sitcoms and chick flicks. He doesn't even complain too much. There are even a couple cheesy sitcoms he likes.
  • When I was pregnant with Logan he would call me at work when he would see a cute baby or if he saw some commercial with babies that moved him. I thought it was so sweet because he really was so excited to be a dad.
  • He loves teaching kids how to ski. He is so patient with them and not just because he gets to do this with them every Saturday.

  • When I started skiing I really didn't want to and Tad would get all my ski clothes and equipment out for me. He still does that for me.
  • I love that we share the same beliefs most of the time. I'm talking more about our political beliefs and just life in general.
  • Tad is very polite. He is a big advocate of please and thank you.
  • He loves the outdoors - anything from kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, hiking or rock climbing.
  • He does our laundry.
  • Once we were trying to save money so Tad went on the Ramon diet. He ate Ramon all the time, it wasn't my idea he just wanted to because he loves it and he actually lost 10 lbs doing it (don't ask my how because I would have thought he would retain water because of all the sodium).
  • He helps me out in the yard even though he has horrible allergies.
  • He knows everything there is to know about Star Wars.
  • Tad is so funny. He is usually pretty shy but when he gets to know you he will have some real zingers.
  • Tad can watch a movie once and 3 years later he'll quote some line from it. He is totally full of useless pop culture references but sometimes they come in handy.
  • I don't think there is anything that scares the guy. (I actually think this trait is in the Fuller DNA)
  • Take the most easy going person you know and multiply that by 10. Then you will have Tad.
  • In the almost 8 years I've been married to Tad he has shown me to like a lot of things I thought I would never like ie. McDonald's, skiing, AFI, Coke and American Gladiator.

  • He gets along great with my friends and now I think they probably like Tad more than me.
  • He has never criticized anything I have ever done from my weight, appearance, being a wife, parenting and the list could go on and on.
  • If I hear a scary noise in the house he'll always investigate it for me.

Happy Birthday Tad! I hope today is a good one and your Jazz win tonight. I was nice and didn't mention how old you are but if you look carefully it won't be hard for others to figure it out.


Bevany said...

What a great post. Mike would kill me if I did that on his birthday. Sounds like you got a great guy! Happy birthday to him. I hope you guys get to do something fun. It's Keigan's birthday today too!

Molly Sue said...

Oh my little brother is #@ something. And a Dad and a sort of grown up. Way to cool. And FINALLY HAS A FREAKIN CELL PHONE!!!

Jenefer Reudter said...

I'm guessing 32 - but only because you wrote 32 different things that you like about Tad....but if that's true....he's older than I thought he was!

Happy Birthday Tad!

Tim&Kirst said...

what a sweet post Bean! I think there are a couple of Fuller traits in there: No fear, stupid trivia facts about anything & everything, and of course the skiing thing . :)

Brandi said...

Great post Sabrina, and Happy Birthday to The Tad! Man, he's getting old! :) I do have some great Lagoon gossip for you, so call me and we'll do lunch.

The Peacock Family said...

Awesome post! Sounds like you have such a great husband. Your little Logan is SO cute - he's getting big! I seriously think I should start calling my husband "The Jon"! Love it!