Thursday, May 15, 2008

I {heart} Rose Park

I love going to my brother's house. He lives in Rose Park (RP) which is always entertaining going there. I had to drop off Logan at their house for the day so just getting to drive through the hood it brightened my day. Below is a compiling of things that I love about Rose park.
  • Abandoned shopping carts scattered all around RP that are no where near grocery stores. I always wonder what was the purpose of taking the cart? Who took it? Does Smith's/Albertson's have a cart roundup once a month to get all their lost carts?
  • The bright colored houses and businesses. Nothing says home like a bright pink and purple painted house.
  • Garbage piles. I don't know how their garbage pick ups work but there are always huge piles of garbage by the curb. I'm always amazed by how much garbage these houses have. Also is it bad that I always scout out the piles to see if there is something really cool? Don't worry I've never found anything cool in them.
  • There was an old man crossing the street at North Temple and 900 West and he was wearing a Davy Crocket hat. At first I thought okay not so weird if he actually skinned the raccoon himself and made the hat but no it was faux raccoon skin. He also had a medium sized knife hooked to his belt or I might have taken a picture.
  • Taco carts. I love taco carts and the food they serve. If you haven't tried a taco cart I dare you to. Yum!
  • Carts in general. There are people selling stuff in carts all through out the neighborhoods. Debbie says that a corn cart comes through their neighborhood quite regularly. I keep telling Debbie she needs to make a mani/pedi cart and get some extra money.
  • The assortment of businesses in the area. They have way cooler strip malls than anywhere else. Where else can you get some smokes, raw meat, tacos and baby clothes?
  • Home of Hector's Baby Clothes. Logan actually has some things from there. My favorite hat of his is from Hector's.

The one sad thing about RP is I couldn't find one photo on Flickr that was taken in RP.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you ain't seen nothing yet. We learned the other day that the old toilet that Jared placed in his trash pile had disappeared the other day but not the trash. Someone with a conscience must have needed it because they replaced it with a partial older toilet. Ha Ha true story.