Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So Tad started school yesterday. I kind of was being a baby about the whole thing because he helps out so much with Logan and now he'll be gone 3 nights a week. It also means I have to step things up around our house so when he is home we can play rather than do boring things. I mowed the lawn yesterday. I want to see if he even notices but I doubt he will until he reads this. Hee!

I'm so sad that all the tv shows are going away because I love them all. It's also good because now I won't be a couch a potato. Also did anyone watch American Gladiators. I know it is so trashy but I love it, especially Titan.

I can't post without pictures so here is a picture of our house before we got rid of our trees. I can't tell you how much better I sleep now that they are gone and I don't worry about them falling on our house or our neighbors. Also the mini van isn't mine it's Teisha's.
Here is a during photo. There was sawdust everywhere. I can't do an after because our house is still just as gross with all the construction on our street, there is dust everywhere. Gross.
I'll try to have a more interesting post tomorrow. Tonight is YW/YM so that is always interesting and I'm sure I'll have something funny to share.


Bevany said...

So funny...the first thing I noticed in the picture was the mini van and I started planning my comment to you. Then I read that it wasn't yours. Looks like a huge project. Love your house!

Lettie said...

I HATE Titan. He is the worst part about that show! How can you like him and his sick huge thighs? I feel gross just thinking about him. Blech!
I'm sad about the TV shows going back into reruns too, but I guess we'll have more productive Thursday nights around here.