Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Project of the Week

Okay so before I started blogging I thought of doing this. It probably won't be each week but it sounds better than Project Whenever I Can Get Around To It.

I made this banner around Valentine's Day. I wanted a cutesy not too overused statement and I watched Across The Universe the night before so that inspired me. There are tons of banners on 2peas if you need further inspiration or Flickr. Also Pottery Barn has done some cute ones too. I'm totally going to do one like this in the Fall.

Candice Stringham has also done some cute ones.

Also some other things that I'm inspired by are these.

Love these camera cases

Skip the banner and just take a picture of what you want to say. Love this.Anything is better scalloped. You can get these on Etsy.

So just go out and create something or go buy something that just makes you happy. Speaking of buying things - EmilieJayne in NSL has everything 25% off for the month of May. I bought 2 antique windows.


blondybg said...

I love banners too! You should host a banner crop. Here is a link to a really cute Birthday Banner Kit:


Bevany said...

Very cute stuff. Have you always been this creative??