Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I got this recipe from our neighbor who has a HUGE neighborhood Utah/BYU tailgating party. The recipe is so simple. If made right they are sweet with just a little kick. I don’t recommend making them while you have a cold or the sweet/hotness ratio gets messed up and you burn your guests’ mouths.

Costco meatballs
Frank’s Original Hot Sauce (it’s rumored Sam’s Club sells this sauce in bulk but it isn’t sold at Costco)
Brown Sugar

I cook half a bag for an event and it’s plenty of meatballs.

-Cook meatballs according to directions on bag.
-While meatballs are cooking mix hot sauce with almost equal amount of brown sugar in pan on the stove. For ½ bag of meatballs two large bottles of sauce are enough.
-Cook sauce on stove until the sugar does that caramelizing thing (caramelizing may not be the proper word). Make sure you taste the sauce to know if you need to keep adding more sugar to make it more sweet.
-Add meatballs to sauce and either cook on stove or put in crock-pot just to warm everything.

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