Friday, April 30, 2010

The Best Day Ever!

Christmas Eve 2009, marked a most glorious event at the Fuller househould, Logan's first day skiing! What, you were expecting something about Christmas? I have been looking forward to this day since Logan was born, and I was not dissappointed when it finally came. In fact Christmas was kind of a let down after this amazing day. clickin' in for the first time.
First slide on skis, he wasn't too sure about this.
Ridin' the chair for the first time. This was his favorite part of skiing. When we were done, he kept saying "chair?", cause he wanted to ride the chair more.

Our first family ski photo, as you can see mom and dad love it but Logan isn't quite sold.

Slidin' down the turtle trail, Logan didn't like me getting too far away, so I had to ski right next to him. I have it on pretty good authority that this is my better side anyway. Logan made it 2 whole runs, before the signs of a toddler being too tired to continue showed. My whole goal with his first time skiing, was just to get him out on the snow and have fun sliding, so that on future trips he wouldn't be scared of it. So far mission accomplished. He has gone four more times, and loves it. He is starting to make his own wedge, and tells me to not stand so close, just not so nicely.


Fuller Fam said...

officially a Fuller!

Brandi said...

You need to put up a video of him saying "Hellooo ladies!" I'm laughing just thinking about him saying it! So CUTE!

MHall said...


bevany said...

I love it. I wish I knew how to ski so I could teach my kids. Lucky little boy!

Teisha said...

Love it!! I love the close up on the chair lift, you can see you taking the pic in Tad's goggles. Perfect family photo!