Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great Weekend

Today was the best weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect. Also I don't think this has ever happened but I got everything done on my to do list. Usually my list far exceeds what's humanly possible but I got it all done. Also Tad didn't have to work this weekend which was SO NICE.
I put Logan and Tad to work on the mowing the lawn. Aren't they cute. Logan's not smoking a cigarette he's got a bit of a sucker habit and we have to make a trip to the store almost daily for his fix.
Also if you look behind Tad, that is where I'm hoping to put my April POTM. I spent quite awhile weeding that corner.

This is also my favorite time to go to the church grounds. Everything is in bloom right now so if you haven't gone down to check it out you should. I like walking around the plaza more than temple square because the gardens are just amazing. I took these photos on my way to meet my dad for lunch.
Also my favorite daffodil field is in full bloom if you wanted to check it out. Just don't go there alone since it is right by the homeless shelter.
The Fullers also got their first bike ride in for the season. We had a picnic down at Mills Park.


bevany said...

I so want to go there. It looks so pretty! You know any really great spots to take spring pictures at? We're doing some friday with my brother's little boy. I was thinking Gardner Village. Do you know of anywhere better?

Teisha said...

i love that pic of your boys! So so cute! I hope you risk it all for the Daffodil pics! Last years of Logan are my favorite!!