Friday, April 2, 2010

April POTM

Not sure if I'll have any readers after yesterdays little prank.
Last year I would do this thing where I'd do a project each month. Some were failures and some were successes. Well this project is inspired by the 4th photo in this wedding set that is from Style Me Pretty. When I saw that door I instantly thought of the old doors I have sitting in my garage. So my project is to take those old doors. I have to find a 3rd one and put them all together to make something similar to a room divider. Except these aren't going in my house but out in a corner of our yard. So my goal is to just get the doors together in that corner.
Later on I really want to make a living wreath which is pictured below. I always thought these were the coolest things but would never put them on my door because I figured it would ruin your door. Well now I have an old door out in my yard I could hang it on. Who knows this project might be a total failure. I won't be doing the wreath till probably June since it can freeze clear into mid-May.


bevany said...

I can totally see that in your backyard. It will look look amazing.
Did you read The Book Thief? How was it?

Brandi said...

Yay! Project of the month is back! I'm loving the door project. It will look so great at my wedding reception in your backyard :)