Sunday, January 25, 2009

Resolutions - finally

Okay so I didn't start most of these till last Monday. So they are broken up by areas of my life. None of them are real great ones and most are just weird.

  • Enter time weekly - failing miserably
  • Pack more lunches
  • Decorate my office - I finally know what I want to do now I just need to do it. You really should see how pathetic and bare my office is.
  • Read Doctrine & Covenants
  • Learn 4 new hymns on the piano - stole this one from Brittany
  • Finish side of driveway - Remember August POTM, uggh!
  • Cook more often
  • More parties
  • Grow a plant from seed and plant it in the yard - I'll be starting this in February
  • Cook two meals by dutch oven
  • Continue hikes as a family
  • 2 camping trips as a family (can't include Ward Campout or Family Reunion)
  • Finish our Utah 16
  • Lose 30 lbs. - started P90, now just waiting for my dang P90X DVDs to get here from China
  • Handmade cards for each family member's birthday - All ready failed on this one because I missed Debbie's birthday but hopefully the dinner I had for her will make up for that.
  • Make the Weekender Bag
  • Go to the library - haven't been there since high school, well for books - I went last fall to vote.
  • 1 craft/project per month - this month I'm working on a punch needle pattern
  • Keep scraproom clean - I've found keeping it clean actually gets me scrapping more
  • Project 365 -I have the kit, thanks to Brek. Now I just need to do some pages for it and continue taking pictures no matter how boring my life is.
Okay now if you read all that I'm so sorry. I just had to put it out there because it makes me feel more accountable to accomplish them.


Lettie said...

Those are good goals. I always like to see what you are working on, so I hope the the projects part is successful! :)
And you haven't been to a library for books since high school?! I go about every two weeks. I LOVE the library. I don't have some weird germ phobia or anything like that - which I know keeps some people away. You can check out so much more than books. I love getting movies and CDs.

The Aitkens said...

I am impressed! I think I don't write mine down for that exact reason! So if I fail no one will know! Look forward to being your p90 buddie, and all of your projects to come. Speaking of which if you need a scrapbook project I've got lots of catching up to do!

Tim&Kirst said...

AMBITIOUS! I too will be your P90X buddy and if you want I would be more than happy to go in on the price if you'll let me make a copy. :) Oh and what are you doing about a pull up bar? Do you guys have one?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...if you do the P90X challenge, you will be my hero! John tried it for like a week and I decided I wanted to do it. I was almost in tears after 10 minutes!! You are probably much stronger than me though, I am a wuss! And if you get sick of waiting for the DVD's, feel free to borrow mine! The Framptons only used them for about 5 days and have never touched them again!

Bevany said...

I'm impressed. My one goal is to read the Book of Mormon at least twice this year. I'm on like chapter 13 of 1 Nephi. Off to a great start, eh?

MHall said...

I, too, am impressed. That time entry is a killer. If you can get that down as a habit, you will be so glad since you will probably be doing that task for many years.