Sunday, January 4, 2009

Loved the break

I think I'm all ready used to the work 2 1/2 days then have 2 1/2 days off. I'd love to keep that schedule on a permanent basis.

We did a lot of things while on the break.

  • Watched a million and one episodes of Thomas.
  • Played some Guitar Hero
  • Cleaned and organized the house including the scary closet under the stairs. It looks amazing now.
  • Went sledding.
  • Shopped after Christmas for Christmas ornaments. I now have 3 trees I could decorate. I can't wait for my silver, red and green tree for next year.
  • Ate way too much food.
  • Hung out on NYE with the Maughans and Evans. Maughans you guys need to move back right now because it's probably too much teasing for Mark trying to pack in the whole year of razzing in one night. It's a good thing he's worked for Satan so he can take it.
  • Watched the Utes win the game.
  • Tad hurt his knee skiing but should be back on the slopes this weekend. It was nice to have help in church today
  • Cleaned my scrap room and actually scrapbooked. I don't think I've honestly scrapbooked in 2 years (The scrapbook for Teisha doesn't count because I didn't get to keep it.) I put it in red because that is just huge if you saw how big of a mess this room was.

For YW this week we are working on setting goals. I'll post my goals later this week when I get them all finalized. I'm hoping to make a little sign because I feel like I need more of a check list for them because they are just weird ones along with the usual that I seem to have every year.


The Aitkens said...

I love the one with the guitars! It cracks me up how much he is like Tad! Has he discovered Star Wars yet?

Can't wait to see your new scrapbook master pieces! I love mine!

Sheri Wojtasek said...

WOW you accomplished a lot!!! Good for you! How are the Maughn's???

Williams Family said...

Can you please tell me what it is with little boys and Thomas? It might be THE LAMEST show ever, but Zander loves it too (well - he claims to love it, but really can't sit through more than about 5 minutes of any TV that's not sports - weird, I know).

Brandi said...

I was in complete denial going back to work after two weeks off. I could totally go for the 2 12 day work week idea. Oh, and I can't believe you went sledding and didn't call!!!! P.S. I still have a Christmas present for you!

Jon, Juliann, Anna, Andrew said...

Glad you had a fun Christmas break! Can't wait to see what your goals are. I totally LOVE goals - I just did a whole post about them! :)

Bevany said...

The guitar pic is my fave. Seriously, Logan is so cute. I specifically had you in mind when I said that my girls loved the drums. I knew you would understand :) Do you seriously have a whole scrapbooking ROOM? I'm so jealous.

MHall said...

I'll give one more kudo to the photo of Tad and Logan playing guitars. Priceless. Plus one of them is left handed like Hendrix. PURPLE HAZE !