Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today is a great day. I've been waiting for this day for quite awhile. I was hoping to do a celebration dinner but with the recent diet I've started that won't be happening. I hope everyone watches tonight. I'll have to record it but I'm hoping I get out of YW quick so I can watch it.

I wanted to make a shirt for Logan but of course ran out of time. Here is the shirt I wanted to make.

Also there have been a lot of changes going on at our house. I don't have my list of resolutions right here but I'll have to get those posted. Right now I'm probably really cranky because of the new diet and having to cook rather than eat out. I'll give more details on this diet when I post the resolutions. This is only day 2 of said diet.


The Aitkens said...

Love the shirt! I think you should still make it! Too cute! Got my videos today!

Anonymous said...

Oh dieting is the worst!! I did Weight Watchers right after I had Max and I am lucky John didn't divorce me....I was an onery, hungry wreck!! Good Luck!

MHall said...

I stayed home from work in the morning - went in at noon. It was FAB.

Good luck on the diet. Stick with it. It gets harder as you get older :) Get on it now. It is a lifestyle change, which is hard since so many things in your life cannot change. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

How is the diet going? I hope you are still sticking to it.