Monday, January 19, 2009

L & Crew

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to take pictures of Latesa's extended family. Some of you might know Latesa from high school. Latesa lives in my neighborhood and recently we've gotten back in touch with each other. She's also a great hairdresser if you guys need one.

Here's the whole crew. I really liked the colors they wore. Latesa's nephew D.
Latesa's little girl N.
Latesa's guys - T and James
Then her sister-in-law is getting married in August so I took some pictures of the couple. C&B (no Brittany it's not Chuck & Blair).


Tim&Kirst said...

bean--those are darling pictures. Will you please please please promise me that you'll take our first family photo as a family of 5? :)

The Aitkens said...

Can't wait for you take our pics! They are going to be awesome!