Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We did the annual trek to the pumpkin patch where you have to take the obligatory cheesy pumpkin photos. Evan wasn't left out of this ritual either, such a trooper.

Here you go, I can officially celebrate Fall since I've posted my cheesy pumpkin patch photos.

Along for the trip this year was my Aunt Keri and Jacee. Jacee was all about finding the big pumpkins. Logan was mostly excited about the cart he couldn't push that Aunt Keri did most of the work pushing.

Logan and Jacee in the maze. An hour after this was taken a meltdown occured when Jacee had to go back home to Idaho. I got to hear all day how much he missed Jacee and when she is coming back to visit.

If you are reading this and in my neighborhood, I'd love to borrow your pumpkins for the neighborhood party tonight. Don't worry we'll put your name on the bottom and return to you after the party. Call and I'll pick them up before 4:00 today.


Peggy said...

This looks like so much fun!! Logan and Evan are so cute. Happy Fall - winter and skiing will be here soon. Can't wait!!!

georgi said...

Looks like a nice clean way to enjoy October...rather than all of the ghosts and goblins. Good pumpkin

Cathie said...

nice photos:)

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