Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mo Willems Books

A couple months ago I was on Banana Fudge Swirl, a photographer that started a kids blog, and Chenin recommended Mo Willems books. We still haven't read the one she recommended but have read at least a half dozen of his books. Logan's favorites are the Elephant & Piggie series books. His absolute favorite is I Am Invited to a Party. He loves it so much that his birthday party this weekend is going to be based after that book. So if you have kids you should check it out. It also helps to use silly voices for each character.


Lettie said...

I love all of his books, but the Pigeon ones and the ones you mentioned are the best! I seriously think they are hilarious. What a fun idea to use those as a b-day party theme. Oh, and the Knuffle Bunny books are great too.

bevany said...

My girls LOVE knuffle bunny. I'll have to check out this party one. I'll be Beckham would love it.