Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Little Getaway

We recently went on a little trip up to the Yellowstone/Grand Targhee area. We took my parents with us so we got a lot of family photos on the trip. We stopped off in Arimo to get another photo in front of this truck.

Then we did something you can't do in Utah. We took the chairlift to the top of Grand Targhee and Evan was allowed to ride (in UT you have to be 2 years old to ride). It was gorgeous at the top but there were swarms and swarms of lady bugs. Weird.

From this direction you can see the Tetons in the background.

Here is the view coming down on the chairlift. It had me a little freaked out with how steep it was. I would have preferred being on skis coming down than on this chair.

Tad and Logan did a little bit of boating at the cabin. Tad's very generous sister let us stay at her cabin and we had so much fun visiting with them and staying. Thanks. It was the end of September but it seriously felt like July up there with how warm it was in the mid 70s.

I also have to mention we stopped at the King's Discount Store in Driggs. Do you remember King's by Five Points Mall? It was awesome. They had so many cool toys and books. We'll definitely be stopping there every time we go visit.

Now on to Yellowstone. Logan was a little freaked out at some of the hot spots thinking a dragon was going to come out of them at any moment.

Also if you go to Yellowstone all the time I recommend going to the back of Old Faithful sometime when it erupts. We got wet from the steam and this little stream fills up with the run off from the geyser. I thought it was cool since I go to Yellowstone every year to see something new. Also we go to see the Beehive Geyser go off which only erupts every 9-16 hours. I don't have picture of either of these events.

This guy was just happy to have his diaper changed.

Cute boys!

Something brand new at Yellowstone is the Old Faithful NPS Visitor Facilities. The building is absolutely gorgeous and inside it houses all sorts of exhibits about Yellowstone. I think it's about time they had something like this. Logan was checking out the kid's section.

On the way home we went past Palisades Reservoir. The fall leaves in this area were AMAZING. Even though driving this way was an hour and a half longer it was worth it.

We also stopped at Bear Lake. Our favorite place is a beach at the Garden City Park. We'd heard all summer how high the water was. I couldn't believe it. We didn't go in the water because it was high so the boys had a light saber battle with some PVC pipes.

We got a few photos with lots of sun flare that I love. It was such a nice trip and I was very tempted to send Tad home with my parents and stay up there till my maternity leave was over. All ready can't wait till next Summer to visit Yellowstone.


MH said...

such cute photos. Now you're surrounded by men - just as it should be. Baby Coco!

Brek said...

Love the pic with the Tetons in the back. Totally makes me want to go up there. Haven't been up to Palisades in about 15 years. Yes, I am that old. ;)

bevany said...

Such great pictures. It makes me want to go up there. I love the family picture with the flare...you look great! We had a King's in Layton up until about a year ago? I LOVED it. Such a great store.

Brittany Evans said...

Bina - Looks like the Fullers are having fun and traveling around. No surprise there! Cute pics. Also can't believe it's time for Logan's birthday. Evan is such a trooper and a cutie.

Teisha said...

oh my word that baby is to die for! looks amazing! such a great time of year to go. LOVE the family pictures! kiss those boys for me! LOVE and MISS you guys!

Kirsten said...

I'm DYING over here! I miss you guys so much. Those pictures are perfect in EVERY way. Wish we were there to to hug and kiss on those cute boys. And Bean you look so happy and relaxed! xoxoxo