Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Decor

I printed these off of Craftily Ever After. They have a couple different printouts so if you want to download one just scroll down through her blog to find one you want. I changed the bottom one because I wasn't in love with the one she posted. This was super simple and so easy to do.

Then I had this small frame above my sink that I needed to put something in it. There are two different designs at Second Sister and they are actually candy wrappers but it worked for my frame too.

Then I had to include a couple other shots around the front room. I'm pretty proud of those little pumpkins. They are all from my garden (I had 13 total). They were grown from seed and if you remember that was a resolution of mine last year.

Then I had to do one of Martha's monogrammed pumpkins. I also painted another pumpkin with a black square of chalkboard paint so I could write on it. The photo didn't durn out though.


bevany said...

I saw printouts like this on another blog. I thought about doing it but it was too close to Thanksgiving already. I decided I'm totally doing my own for Christmas. I can't wait!

Kirsten said...

I printed off one of those keep calms signs, but it says, "keep calm and gobble on". Love 'em :)