Sunday, November 21, 2010

End of Season

This Summer was the first Summer I'd ever done a vegetable garden. I wasn't expecting anything because we've done tomatoes for years and never had success. I all ready can't wait for next Spring to do another garden. I loved it. Even though a lot of my plants (peppers) didn't give us anything I'll let you see that we still had plenty of produce.

Yes I know I'm a nerd that I kept track of every single thing that was harvested. Also all these numbers are low because there are some days I forgot and 2 weeks that veggies were picked but I was out of town.
Yellow Squash (1 plant) = 38
Hot Peppers (1 plant) = 74
Tomatillos (1 plant) = 111
Regular Tomatoes = 191
Grape Tomatoes = 610
Sun Sugar Tomatoes (small yellow cherry tomatoes) = 924
No wonder I’m sick of tomatoes and why in the end of September I cut up my sun sugar plant.

Again I can’t wait for next Spring and trying some new plants and eliminating a few I tried this year.

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bevany said...

Yum! I would have taken some tomatoes off your hands. Fresh garden tomatoes are my FAVORITE!!