Monday, November 8, 2010

Feed Me

Okay so I’ve signed up for the Bountiful Baskets here and there. It’s a great deal and you get TONS of veggies and fruit but I hate that you never know what you are getting. I didn’t think I was picky but I’ve found when it comes to veggies/fruit I’m VERY picky. This week was the worst week for me. I only sign up every other week because it’s just a lot of produce for our family. Here is where I need your help, this week I’m really struggling with finding something to make with what I have. If you have a recipe you love or heck even looks good and you want to try please send it to me. Below are the items I’m working with.
  • Persimmon (yeah never heard/seen these things before)
  • Swiss Chard
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cauliflower
  • Pears
  • Asian Pears


Lettie said...

Persimmons are yummy. You just eat them like any raw fruit. Same with the Asian pears. They are a cross between an apple and a pear and very delicious I have seen a couple of recipes that look good for the chard and Brussels sprouts. I'll find them and email them to you.

Linds said...

Hi Sabrina.

My Chard has been producing all summer long, and I've gotten creative with it. I put it in a smoothie to make a green smoothie, or separate the ribs from the greens and stir fry them, adding the greens last. The greens absorb the flavor of whatever sauce you choose.

Also, this recipe looks really good, and I plan to try it with the last of my chard:

If you want to try a slightly exotic dessert, try cardamom poached pears. We've had them at Christmas the past few years. They are delightful.

Happy eating.

Brek said...

I usually just chop up my swiss chard and put it in with regular lettuce in a salad - even my kids don't notice the difference. The Brussels sprouts I cut in half and then sauteed them in a little olive oil and a bunch of salt until they were brown but still a little crisp. They were yummy. My boys like pears and usually eat them raw before I have to worry about what to do with them. I haven't done BB for a long time, did you at least get something that you DO like this week?

bevany said...

Oh my chard is one of my favorite things ever. We just boil it and eat it with butter and salt and pepper. Seriously divine.

Katie Mitchell said...

Rachael Ray had a recipe on her show last week where she used cauliflower in a mac n cheese recipe. It looked interesting. Here's the link

Kirsten said...

Persimmon bread
Swiss Chard-- zuppa Toscana soup (use Swiss chard instead of Kale)
Sauteed or roasted Brussels Sprouts with bacon & garlic
Creamy Cauliflower soup
Pears-- just eat 'em plain :)
Upside down Asian Pear cake or crumble cake