Saturday, October 16, 2010

Summer 16 List

I really should have change the tag to Summer 16 because it wasn’t all around Utah. This was seriously the best idea I had this year. I loved how we had all these places we wanted to go so it kept us from just staying home and working in the yard or doing nothing. We got out and did something. Okay so here is our list (two things we didn’t get to but they are on the top of our list for next year).
Bear Lake
Cecret Lake
This Is the Place

Eat a frozen treat at Pace’s Dairy Ann
PCMR/El Chubasco
Legacy Parkway
Castle Park
Ogden Dinosaur Park
Eat China Platter in the park (my new favorite place to eat Chinese food)
Silver Lake
Ensign Peak

Salt Lake County Fair

The two places we didn’t get to that we’ll do next year are Red Butte Gardens and bike the Park City Rail Trails. Although our list changed a little bit from when I first wrote it for the most part we did everything I wanted to do.

I picked up Brandon Grigg, Utah Curiosities, at the library last month that if you wanted to come up with your own list, this book would totally help. This book is great and Tad even read the whole thing. It doesn’t have your typical places in Utah that you’ve all been to but odd places you’ve probably never heard of. I’ll probably check this book out again to come up with my list for next year. I know Gilgal Gardens is on our list (it just sounds too weird not to check out).

I loved this idea and loving the mini book I’ve been making so much I’ve jumped on the December Daily album that Ali Edward’s has done for the last few years. I always watch and think it’s a great idea but this year will be the year I participate. Even though I’ve got a trial and vacation planned during that time I’m still going to do this.

I’d love to hear places out and about that I should check out for next year’s summer activities.
Gotta go I've got a pirate party to attend to.


bevany said...

You should go to Great Basin National Park...and do the tour of Lehman caves when you're there. It's out in the middle of nowhere but so pretty and a fun trip. We had so much fun there. Have you been to Capitol Reef or Bryce Canyon? Cedar Breaks? I'm sure I can think of more...

Brek said...

I want to see your December Daily. I always want to do it every year but never seem to find the time. I want to know your time management secrets too. How the crap do you get so much done in a day?

Kirsten said...

Fun summer! My girlfriend used to live right behind gilgal park and it's nothing to write home about. Nevertheless, it's a park to eat your Chinese food at :). Miss you guys. Happy G'day to Logan :)

Kirsten said...

G'day = b-day. Darn automatic spell check!