Friday, October 15, 2010

Snowbird - Octoberfest Edition

This was the last of our Utah 16 Summer activities. So we didn’t make it there till September but I’m counting it. We made our annual trip to Snowbird. We usually go with Teisha’s family but she was too busy her last trip to Utah so we went with my parents.

Oktoberfest was going on up at Snowbird so there were a lot of people up there but surprisingly they were only in the tents/eating area.

Yes, that would be my parents on the zip rider. Logan was so sad he couldn’t do that but it just gave him more time on the alpine slide.

We went to the top and while up there they had alpine horn players. I like this photo even though it’s out of focus. It kind of makes it more like they are straight off the Swiss Alps rather than college kids in lederhosen (one of the guys reminded me of my neighbor Chase, I’d totally see him doing this).

We’ll totally be back to the bird next year. I’ll post a list of all our Summer 16 activities tomorrow.

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