Tuesday, June 29, 2010

S&S Shortline Railroad

Just got back from a perfect weekend in Jackson. Love that place! I’ll have pictures tomorrow of our trip. Let’s just say I was up till 2 AM reading a romance novel rather than doing anything on my to do list.

I’m a little hesitant to post this. The pictures are from last year when we went to this railroad. I would have posted last year but they are only open the first Saturday of the month from May – September so that’s only 5 days a year. So I got this post all ready to go in May but then when searching for their website noticed it had been deleted. I hope they are still running their trains because I’d love to take Logan up there again. If anyone goes or has been this year let me know.

Here is the address
575 North 1525 West
Farmington Utah

Logan was and still is totally in love with trains so we thought we'd go up to Farmington to this family's house that has these trains to ride. Yes this is someone's house. Crazy.Our kids were too small to do the above train but they still had fun.

We took along the Aerins and L&L.

Erin don't hate but doesn't she look great being only like a week or two post partum.
We had to get a shot of all the kids. This was the best we could get with 2-2 year olds and 2-18 month olds.


bevany said...

Mike took Keigan there when she was little...AND my in laws took all the grandkids there one year- they are open a few days in the winter and they got to go on the train and cut down a little christmas tree. Way cute. I hope it's still open!

Katie Mitchell said...

My neighbors went last month, so yes, it's still open. They'll be open on the 10th in July because of Independence Day this weekend.

Liz said...

That was so much fun! Our kids looked so little!

Teisha said...

Man there are some real train nerds out there!