Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dinosaur Park

Awhile ago we went to Dinosaur Park up in Ogden with the Aerins. I thought it was all right. Maybe when Logan is a little older it would be better. Inside they have some moving dinosaurs and that kind of freaked Logan and Acelin out. Outside they have speakers making it sound like dinosaurs are growling or walking around so yeah that also wasn't the best. Also part of it might have been my fault because I told Logan we were going with Acelin because that way if the dinosaurs were hungry they'd eat her first. Oops.
Logan loved digging for the bones and probably would have stayed there for quite awhile but his counterpart wasn't too interested.
Had to get a picture at the extremely cheesy cut outs.
Even though we went there at the end of April Logan will still say, "Oops, sorry guys, dinosaurs ate Acelin." It makes me laugh every time.

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bevany said...

I always forget about the "live" dinosaurs. They still scare my girls. Beckham would totally freak. Love that Logan said that...he's a funny little boy.