Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Before and Afters

I love when people post before and after shot on their blogs. These might not be as exciting but I'm happy with the results.

We've had this old bench that was my parents. In the before shot I'd all ready spray painted most of the cream/rust covered bars. Now all our outdoor furniture is the same colors so I'm happy about that.
Above I bought three ugly frames that had some great designs to them. I hated the colors so I took my spray paint to them. These would also be cute in bright colors but I wanted them for a photo wall I'm doing downstairs in black frames.
Below is my April POTM.
Tad and most of my family think the doors are dumb but I like them and so does Nikki. If I explain they're for Tad's brother's wedding reception people accept them though (No, Tad's brother is not getting married, I wish just so I could help with decorations). I'm not sure if the after photo looks better because I weeded everything, added weed barrier and bark and all our plants are green and growing but the after looks good. I like the doors because then I'm not looking at all the mismatched fences.

Also right after I finished this project I got a new book in the mail. I felt good about my decorating and came up with some more ideas (insert Tad's eye roll here).


Tiffany said...

I love before and after and I love the door!

Mike & Mindy said...

How on EARTH do you have time for all these projects Sabrina?!? You amaze me. Will you come and create cute decorations for my 32nd in September?

We miss you guys!

xoxo Mindy

bevany said...

I LOVE THEM!!! Tell Tad he's lame.
I think I need to come see them in person.