Thursday, May 20, 2010

May Flowers

We took these at someone’s house up in Farmington. This little guy is such a hard subject to photograph right now. Sometimes you just have to hold him tight and tickle him or bring bubbles as a distraction.

He’s also getting very opinionated. On Sunday he was wearing a teal/orange plaid shirt (actually the same shirt he’s wearing in the Toy Story photos below) but he had to wear a tie like Daddy. Would he change his shirt? Nope. So he wore that shirt with his only tie – red, black and grey.

He also refuses to wear sandals. He just stands there and screams, “My feet, my feet! I want my socks and shoes!” Ugh! He has two pairs of the cutest sandals but he won’t wear them.

Also this week he has been refusing to take naps. Keep your eyes open on because he might be making an appearance there if he isn’t nicer in the evenings. ;)


MMB Peggy said...

His shoe fetish sounds like his cousin Aidan - welcome to the TWOs. And subborn? I think he comes by that very naturally!! The pictures are beautiful!!! Love you guys.

bevany said...

I heard about this field of tulips but never went to look for it. Your pictures turned out great! He sounds like a normal two year old :)

Teisha said...

Love the hair cut Bean!
I am laughing so hard at this! You mean he's not perfect? I don't believe you!
I feel for you on the shoe thing. Aidan still will not wear sandals no matter what I bribe him with. Silly stubborn Fullers!