Thursday, May 27, 2010

Castle Park

I saw a picture of this park on Flickr and then when I saw it was in Kaysville, I knew we had to check it out. It’s not the best for toddlers but if you have an adult or big kid to go along with them then it’s great. They have a small toddler area that is separate from the rest but like Logan wanted to play in that area. Also if you have little ones I could see how this park could be crazy if it were crowded with a bunch of big kids. Overall it was a lot of fun and we’ll definitely go back but not if it’s crowded.

If you are Highway 89 when it splits off of I-15 there is a light for Nicholls Road. Turn down that road and it is down that road about ½ mile on the North side of the road.

Castle Heights Playground-1200 East Nicholls RoadKaysville, UT 84037


bevany said...

Thanks for texting me and telling me you were going.

Lettie said...

That's awesome. There is one kind of like that in West Jordan just past Redwood on like 7800 south. It has mroe of a wild west theme. i would agree with you - better for bigger kids than toddlers, but cool all the same.