Monday, May 24, 2010

60th Wedding Inspiration

All weekend long I worked on the decorations for this month's POTM. The big party is this Saturday so nothing like procrastinating till the last minute. I've been thinking/planning this party since February but like usual waited till the last minute to get started. Below is where I got my inspiration. Hopefully each day this week I'll give a crafty idea that I've used for this party.
This DIY project on Style Me Pretty was the biggest inspiration for me. I love how they used the paper mache initials and the flowers. They also used a lot of vintage photographs and I thought it would be absolutely perfect for the anniversary party. To see the whole DIY post click here. Then the very next post used burlap with the flower arrangements and I thought this would be perfect with the rustic look I was wanting. I also loved their use of all white flowers. I've kind of strayed away from all white flowers but now it looks like I might use all white flowers again and whatever flowers are blooming in my garden on Friday. To see this wedding post click here.
Tomorrow I'll show you lollies which are the solution for any party with a budget of $0.

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That looks so cool