Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So I've set some goals for August. The Fullers can only eat out once a week and so far I feel like it's killing me cooking dinner every night. I'm not counting the Farmer's Market as eating out because I haven't been able to go to the SLC one once.

Also I read a lot of books in July. I read 9 books and none of these were tiny books, they were all about 300 pages. So since July was so busy and every second I wasn't doing something I was reading the blog got neglected so my other goal is to post at least 3 times a week. The good news about being so busy is I have plenty of blog material to post. Okay, enough rambling.

When Teisha and the kids were in town we all went up to Snowbird. There are $10 off adult admissions on Diet Pepsi cans but make sure you check the cans (we found the marked cans at Maverick). We'd gone to Snowbird before for their Summer activities and I have to say out of all the Utah resorts they have the best stuff, it's the prettiest Summer resort and you get the most for your money.

We were a little worried when we bought Logan's pass because it was $19 and we weren't sure if he'd love the alpine slide or hate it. You never know with this kid.Well he loved it. He would yell, "Wee!" the whole way down the hill. It was so cute even though in this picture he doesn't look like he's having a good time. He also loved the bounce house. At first he seemed scared of all the kids but then he loved it.Here's Teisha and the kids, this was the best photo we got because boy wonder wouldn't cooperate at all. There was also a big lightening storm coming through so we had to leave the top pretty quick and they closed the tram after that.
It was totally different from the last time we were up there because there were tons of wildflowers. This time was earlier in the season so there was still tons of snow.


Jenefer Reudter said...

love the family photo!! Can I just remind you how awesome I think you are! Thank you for everything you do for the YW and for the two boys that you have in your life. You are AWESOME Sabrina!

Tiffany said...

we were looking for fun thins to do when we were down there this is a great idea!

Brittany Evans said...

Hmmm . . . I wonder what books kept you sooooo busy????