Sunday, August 23, 2009

Girl's Camp '09

This year for girl's camp we went to South Fork up Weber Canyon. I think this area might be my favorite camping spot in Utah now. It was so much fun and there are tons of trees that it's just so pretty and is only an hour away.

Here are all the girl's ready to make their camp chairs from PVC pipe. They were so cute.
Here's all the leaders minus Collette and Maureen. We had a girl get sick so Maureen went home for the night. Okay so we always have to play little pranks on the 1st years. Well across from our campsite was a group of 16-17 year old scouts. So we sent the girl's over to get a smoke shifter. They of course didn't have one. So the girl's came back and then all the girl's left to go snipe hunting. Well while they were gone all the scouts came over to visit. They were the nicest boys, all of them Eagle Scouts. Well when the girl's came back they all went back to their camp but later came back over and visited for at least 2 hours. We do a Miss Congeniality each night at camp but we also did a Mr. Congeniality this night. We finally had to close the party down when neighbor campers were complaining.Leah showing off our value flags and of course flirting with the scouts. Luckily (or unfortunately if you're a YW) the scouts left the next morning. Everyone got their certification done early so we could spend most the day tubing down the river. This was my favorite part of camp. One last group photo of us in our river gear.It rained, thundered and lightninged our last night and we had to pack up in the rain but that was okay because it just got the girl's to move faster. We also had one girl go home early because she broke her arm but luckily her family was there so things worked out. Next year Heber Valley. Wahoo!


Brandi said...

Looks like you had a good time. I want to know the details on how to make the PVC pipe chairs.

bevany said...

That looks like such a fun girls camp. I wish I was in your ward. I didn't go to camp this year, but I wanted to. They're doing pioneer trek next year so they don't do girls camp. Weird, huh?