Sunday, August 16, 2009

Girl's Camp Eve

Girl's camp was only 2 1/2 days this year so the night before we decided to take the girls to the Joseph Smith movie and then have a dinner.

S0me of the girls had never been toCafe Rio so we made the pork salad for dinner. I know I'll give you a moment to get over the shock.

We had the dinner at my house so I was in charge of all the decorations. It was a lot of fun to get it all ready, I just wish I didn't wait till the last minute because I had several other creative projects going on so it was a week full of staying up past midnight all week but it turned out good.

Since I can't have a blog post without Lindsay in it here is one of the tables. Lindsay is in yellow. Below is another table with El Presidente - Jenefer, Assistant Camp Director - Michelle and some of the girls.
The only thing that went wrong was we had crazy swarms of wasps going after the meat. I'd never seen wasps act like that and it was scary but they were only interested in the meat and no one got stung.
Here is a group shot of everyone.


Fuller Fam said...

DARLING! Cute table display. Bean next time I have a FFF I'm coming to you for ideas. :)

MMB Peggy said...

This looks fabulous - what fun! It's time for a FFF!

markhall said...

Yup - meat eating wasps. They visit Ruby's Diner up Emmigration, too. Thanks for fitting in the special project for Brittany. That was SOOO cool. I'm glad I got to see you Saturday - and Logan and Tad. You are one of those super women. Thanks!

Lindsay said...

Sabrina!!! Gosh dang! lol

Brittany Evans said...

Sabrina - you are amazing at your party decor. Seriously. You do such a good job and think of great ideas and you just make it happen. We are all so lucky to have you as a friend because some of us are decor inept. Like myself. And those girls love you too. Good job.