Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Mom's Birthday Party

What mom doesn't want a surprise train birthday party? Yep, we went back to S&S Railroad. We rode both trains this time and if I were to do it again I'd only do the little train. It $4.50 a person but is so much cooler than the big train. Last time they discouraged us from going but except for the newborn we all could have gone.

On the little train you get to go through tunnels.

Look at the ponies in their yard.

Cross over bridges.

Wind around their backyard hoping you don't derail the train because the thing is so narrow. It's way cooler than the big train. In fact we might even got back again when they are open in August.
After the train ride we came back to our house and we had a nice BBQ for her. My grandparents were in town because Baby William was being blessed the next day in church.

I made a Greek feast that was so good. I told my mom it was in honor of her Greek heritage (I wish, no Greek ancestory in my family).

Savannah at the kid table. I think she's the only kid that ate anything at all.
Picture of the adult table. Not the best but the best of the bunch.

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bevany said...

Your cute mom deserves a suprise brithday party!! What a cute daughter you are :)